Interlace: Time/Body | 2017
Live actors, furniture, numerous fabricated set elements 

Interlace: Time/Body is a series of performative works I conceived in response to the exhibition "Another Body" at the Spartanburg Art Museum. Four vignettes were designed and installed in a cyclical layout through the museum. These included a bedroom, a bathroom with working plumbing, a waiting room that snowed, and a grassy, outdoor area. Initiated by the sound of an alarm clock in the bedroom at 15 minute intervals, four actors continually cycled through the vignettes over the course of the evening, performing their own personal rituals in each.
Each work was a distinct exploration of how one's bodily habits and routines may disrupt and befuddle the felt passage of time. Though time and the physical body are often imagined as separate entities, the exhibition presented various situations in which bodily experience supersedes the felt passage of time and vice versa, and sought to illustrate the poetic entanglement of the two that happens throughout daily existence.   
Actors: Roderice Cardell, Anna Abhau Elliott, Alastair Mann, Conner Vetter | Documentation: lydia see
A short film about the project produced by Mat Duncan, Spartanburg Art Museum's Curator of Collections.